Is Music itself The Message?

or is Music an excuse to bring people together?

Recently, I had the good fortune of being the Winter Music Camp Director at the Folk Alliance International Conference held in Kansas City, MO in Feb. The Folk Alliance Conference and Winter Music Camp has become (at least) a four-headed kitten, unlike any of the other Conferences I am aware of. It’s a gathering of […]

Inside the Edmonton Folk Music Festival

a conversation with Producer, Terry Wickham

In part two of my ‘talking to the folks who run Folk Festivals’ series I had the opportunity to chat with Terry Wickham from the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. Watch Here   Terry gives us a bit of his history along with ideas on what makes a Festival work and how he programs one of […]

Inside the Winnipeg Folk Festival

a conversation with Artistic Director, Chris Frayer

Ever wondered what goes on inside the head of a Festival Artistic Director? This is the first of a series of ongoing interviews I will be doing here at Sideguys and Session Men on all things Festival. Chris Frayer has been the AD of the Winnipeg Folk Festival for 12 years. He’s a great guy […]

Rhythm and Booze

controlling musicians through drink and pills

I was talking to an old friend and colleague today and we were both wondering why it is that some of us are still lucky enough to be here? You get to that point where you wake up one day and think,  “Gee, I did a lot of really youthful, stupid things early in my […]

Talking Politics From the Stage

To speak out or entertain or both?

I remember being lucky enough to be taken to a Harry Belafonte concert by my Mom and Dad when I was a kid. There is nothing like a concert with a full on orchestra. What a band and what a show. The concert was spectacular and as a middle class white kid growing up in […]

Maddy Prior and Maggie Bell Together

Two UK Music Divas Reminisce

  Listen to the interview by clicking here  It happened at this summers Vancouver Island MusicFest. Beloved Canadian media personality and owner of Stony Plain Records, Holger Petersen, lead Maddy Prior and Maggie Bell down memory lane in a fascinating interview shared by two women who have contributed an astounding legacy to UK music history. […]

How I Survived While Hating School

or keep music in the schools , please!

  My first lasting detailed memory of school is rehearsing the Carol of the Bells in elementary school. I remember being enthralled with the tuned bells and just as important, the idea that a group of people could come together and make music with just a little practice. I was officially turned on, for the […]