The Great Plagiarism Plague

Conversations with a Melancholy Elephant

 I borrowed the title for this weeks blog from my favourite writer, Spider Robinson. I am blessed to count this brilliant man as one of my friends. We often swap emails sharing ideas about music, life and everything. Spider never fails to get my mental wheels turning (and sometimes grinding) with his ideas. Not only […]

The Guitar Man

Interviews with Amos Garrett

  Having just attended the Ry Cooder/Ricky Skaggs concert recently in Vancouver, it struck me there are very few guitarists who have such an original voice (i.e. like Ry Cooder), that they move beyond being proficient professionals into what we might think of as musical geniuses of our time. Amos Garrett is one of those […]

Can you hear the music in their words?

language rhythms reflect the music

I am an autobiography junkie. I read them and listen to audio books as I travel. I think it’s an important part of my job as a Festival Artistic Director to constantly follow the pursuit of an amateur musicologist. That means studying the histories or her-stories of roots and world musics of all kinds. And […]

Simple Dreams



51mI1gqoxJLThere is only one word needed to describe Linda Ronstadt and her musical career and that word is “Grace”.  I have always been a fan of Linda and her career trajectory – she was never one to follow fads or do what most people would consider as ‘safe’ for a pop star. But this book gave me an entirely new respect for her as a person and an artist. The music she has chosen to perform over the years always harkens back to her family roots in one way or another and it seems as though she remained true to herself and her friends throughout, not an easy thing to do when the music industry devils are knocking at your door!

Linda should remain a huge inspiration to any woman who wants to do things her own way in the business but she should be an inspiration to men as well!

I highly recommend this book.

” Someone once asked me why people sing. I answered that they sing for many of the same reasons the birds sing. They sing for a mate, or to claim their territory, or simply to give voice to the delight of being alive in the midst of a beautiful day. Perhaps more than the birds do, humans hold a grudge. They sing to complain of how grievously they have been wronged, and how to avoid it in the future. They sing to help themselves execute a job of work. They sing so the subsequent generations won’t forget what the current generations endured, or dreamed, or delighted in. “

Linda Ronstadt – Simple Dreams 

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Richie Hayward Interview/Podcast

Legendary Little Feat drummer and good guy remembered

    Richie Hayward glows as he leaves the stage, July 10th, 2010,  from a reunion with his brothers in Little Feat in what sadly was his last performance. We were so blessed to share this time with him and his band mates and family at VI MusicFest.  He was gone a month later. (photo by […]

The Sounds That Shape Us

tales from out of our parents record collections

My parents were not music fanatics but they did love to dance and they did love music.  I remember watching them swing dance at parties when I was a kid; how it lit them up and how good they were at it. It was so cool to see them have so much fun with each […]