A Day In The Life

of a musician producer

It’s been awhile since I wrote to you. Things have been very busy – life changing you could say, with the passing of loved ones and the coming of new souls (grandchildren!) into the world. What’s actually important becomes the most often revisited topic of the day. Time is indeed limited here on this mortal […]

Goodbye 2016 and remember … it’s not your fault!

rambling reflections from someone who is still here

We lost a lot of good ones this year. Great musicians from all genres of music. To their fans, they were important because of how their work reverberated with what we were each going through at the time. Listening to their music reminds us of where we were and are at. Watching their lives allowed […]

Confessions of a Rack Jobber

Rambling Reflections on one of many long-gone music industry jobs

I recently attended the Folk Music Ontario Conference in Ottawa where I got to see lots of old friends and make some new ones. I have a love-hate relationship with these Music Conferences. Sometimes they are like family reunions and other times they reek of desperation and despair that remain embedded within the DNA of […]

The Great Plagiarism Plague

Conversations with a Melancholy Elephant

 I borrowed the title for this weeks blog from my favourite writer, Spider Robinson. I am blessed to count this brilliant man as one of my friends. We often swap emails sharing ideas about music, life and everything. Spider never fails to get my mental wheels turning (and sometimes grinding) with his ideas. Not only […]

Is Music itself The Message?

or is Music an excuse to bring people together?

Recently, I had the good fortune of being the Winter Music Camp Director at the Folk Alliance International Conference held in Kansas City, MO in Feb. The Folk Alliance Conference and Winter Music Camp has become (at least) a four-headed kitten, unlike any of the other Conferences I am aware of. It’s a gathering of […]

The Guitar Man

Interviews with Amos Garrett

  Having just attended the Ry Cooder/Ricky Skaggs concert recently in Vancouver, it struck me there are very few guitarists who have such an original voice (i.e. like Ry Cooder), that they move beyond being proficient professionals into what we might think of as musical geniuses of our time. Amos Garrett is one of those […]

Rhythm and Booze

controlling musicians through drink and pills

I was talking to an old friend and colleague today and we were both wondering why it is that some of us are still lucky enough to be here? You get to that point where you wake up one day and think,  “Gee, I did a lot of really youthful, stupid things early in my […]

Talking Politics From the Stage

To speak out or entertain or both?

I remember being lucky enough to be taken to a Harry Belafonte concert by my Mom and Dad when I was a kid. There is nothing like a concert with a full on orchestra. What a band and what a show. The concert was spectacular and as a middle class white kid growing up in […]