The Great Plagiarism Plague

Conversations with a Melancholy Elephant

 I borrowed the title for this weeks blog from my favourite writer, Spider Robinson. I am blessed to count this brilliant man as one of my friends. We often swap emails sharing ideas about music, life and everything. Spider never fails to get my mental wheels turning (and sometimes grinding) with his ideas. Not only […]

Jamming Etiquette

warning...some things never change

Way back in 1998 I wrote an article for a local rag called ‘Cosmic Debris’ that was a feature on Jamming Etiquette. For some reason, over the past few months and out of the blue, I’ve had a few people mention to me how useful the article was. One guy even told me he gives […]

The Current State of Folk Music

does it matter as much as it did?

I just returned home from a wonderful week where I was mentoring at an event called ‘On The Road’ – hosted by the BC Touring Council followed by an industry event called Pacific Contact. I hosted a discussion there with my old friend Peter North, Artistic Director of the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival […]