A Day In The Life

of a musician producer

It’s been awhile since I wrote to you. Things have been very busy – life changing you could say, with the passing of loved ones and the coming of new souls (grandchildren!) into the world. What’s actually important becomes the most often revisited topic of the day. Time is indeed limited here on this mortal coil.

I am going to make an effort to get back on the blog horse here and write on a regular basis again. I do enjoy it and I hope you enjoy reading it. I am also going to continue to post some interesting archival stuff I have, some recorded and some in print.

Today, I thought it might be interesting for those of you who are not in this crazy music Business to know what a daily schedule might look like for us musician/producer types. I think a big part of making a living here is through diversification….

my day yesterday… which was indeed, an average day…

  • wrote edit notes for a documentary being produced about Vancouver Island MusicFest
  • go on exercise treadmill
  • continued writing a final report for an annual Grant we receive from the FEDS for the Festival
  • work on interview questions for the Next shoot of my TV show, Northwest Music. Our interview guest will be Matt Greenhill who is a third generation booking agent from the folk world in the U.S. He has quite an interesting story. Our musical guest will be my old friend Jim Byrnes.
  • practice and work on some Dobro tracks for an album I am about to play on that features a Cuban musician who has moved to BC.
  • answer some emails and calls
  • make todays performer announcement for our MusicFest lineup – It’s getting exciting !
  • meet with an Artist to plan out a budget for an album I have agreed to co-produce along with banging out some of the details for said album
  • rehearse with my new TRIO; Cox, Bachman, Lee
  • go to gig! get to play!
  • wake up and repeat

I do find it harder as I get older to multitask and go from left to right brain activities. Anybody have any tips on how to do that?


See you soon.




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One thought on “A Day In The Life

  1. Home from Mexico last night, nice gigs and a great hang (a little more tension toward gringos given the current state of relations with the US). My days now are much like yours…develop some projects stemming from the guitar fest I just played, including bringing a brilliant Mexican musician to Canada and some possible dates in Hungary); pay bills ; book Ontario flights for next month ; finish BC and MB tours for later this year ; and figure out what I’m going to teach for my workshop on Saturday. And I get to play a gig…on my own electric guitar rig ! Yay ! And laundry (always ) and right now a nap (priorities, priorities) I look forward to the next post…